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They were married in San Francisco's City Hall.

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Grove Street doors

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1) High Crimes

Starring Ashley Judd and your new favorite tour guide!


9) 625 Polk St.

Here San Francisco Police Inspector 'Dirty" Harry Callahan explains his nickname


10) Eddy & Leavenworth

Frightening scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers


11) The Conversation

This tense psychological thriller was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, but lost out to The Godfather Part II - Francis Ford Coppola's other nominated movie that year.

Conversation 004.jpg

The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal

In 1921, Roscoe Arbuckle was the most popular film actor in America. He was a mentor to Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and Paramount Pictures paid him $1,000,000 a year.

Arbuckle headline 001.png

The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal

On Setp. 5, 1921, Roscoe and two friends checked into the St. Francis Hotel. At a party that night, a young actress died, and wild rumors spread that Arbuckle was responsible.

This is a photo of Suite 1221 after the party. Coincidentally, Al Jolson died in the same room in 1950.

Suite 1221 St. Francis Hotel Arbuckle.jp

The Fatty Arbuckle Scandal

After three trials, he was cleared of all charges. The jury foreman of his third trial said, "Acquittal is not enough for Roscoe Arbuckle. We feel that a great injustice has been done him. It was only our plain duty to give him this exoneration for there was not the slightest proof of a crime."Nevertheless, his career was ruined. He died 11 years later.

Arbuckle exonerated1922.jpg

13) Enrico's

This is the hungry I nightclub, and the man in the beret is its owner, Enrico Banducci. Enrico and his venue helped launch the careers of Phyllis Diller, Bill Cosby, Jonathan Winters, Woody Allen, The Smothers Brothers, Bob Newhart, The Kingston Trio, Dick Gregory, Maya Angelou, and Barbara Streisand. Later he owned San Francisco’s first sidewalk café, Enrico’s, on Broadway. Cary Grant was there for opening night and Frank Sinatra always stopped in when he was in town. Enrico’s was also the setting for a scene in Bullitt.


Enrico Banducci

Enrico was a real San Francisco character. His real name was Harry Banducci, and he came from Bakersfield. He went by Enrico because he loved opera. He was married five time and made (and lost) $10 million in his various endeavors.

Enrico Banducci in front of the hungry i

14) Enrico's

Bullitt meets his source at Enrico's. It was one of the last holdouts of North Beach's jazz and beatnick legacy, closing in 2006.


American Zoetrope

Francis Ford Coppola's building in North Beach

American Zoetrope 001.jpg

18) Green Street

In Big Eyes


19)  Green Street

In Mrs. Doubtfire


The Malloch Building

This is where Lauren Bacall hid Humphrey Bogart, an escapee of San Quentin, in Dark Passage.

Dark Passage poster 001.jpg

The Malloch Building

Lauren Bacall's character lived in Apartment #10. A former resident was obviously a fan.

Dark Passage 002.jpg

20) Julius' Castle

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill


24) 940 Filbert

The Hillard kids' school in Mrs. Doubtfire


25) 940 Filbert

Here's the same school in Bullitt. Steve McQueen is definitely driving too fast in a school zone


27) Broadway and Taylor

"The Order of the Rose" from The Princess Diaries


28) Clay and Taylor

Frank Bullitt's apartment


29) Clay and Taylor

San Francisco Police Inspector Dave Toschi.


33) The Mark Hopkins Hotel

Even Jimmy Stewart recommends it!


34) The Fairmont Hotel in The Rock


35) Brocklebank Apartments

Madeleine Elster's home in Vertigo.


38) Green and Lyon

The Princess Diaries


39) 2700 Vallejo

This mansion is now owned by the Consulate General of Japan.


42) 1709 Broderick

Filmed in San Francisco for eight seasons, this show is still popular.


43) Washington & Cherry

A grim moment from the excellent film Zodiac. We're not only at the spot where it was filmed, we're at the spot where Paul Stine was murdered Oct. 11, 1969.


44) Washington & Cherry

Dave Toschi returned to the scene of the crime every year on Oct. 11.


Celebrity sighting!

Recognize the man on the right? John C. Reilly

John C Reilly 001.PNG

Celebrity sighting!

Chicago, The Aviator, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Talladega Nights, The Hours, Step Brothers, Holmes & Watson...

John C Reilly 003.jpg

Celebrity sighting!

I chose to leave him alone

John C Reilly 002.jpg

45) Fort Point

Scotty rescues Madeleine.


46) Legion of Honor

Scotty follows Madeleine to the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, one of San Francisco's most beautiful buildings.


The Painted Ladies


48) Raiders of the Lost Ark

Even most San Franciscans don't know that the final scene of this classic was filmed in our own City Hall